Are you having air conditioning issues? Or, are you looking for a way to improve the air quality of your home or business? Then look no further. We will be out to assess your air conditioning needs at a time that is convenient for you.

Description of Services

Air Purifiers/Sanitizers 
Air purifiers such as the Air Oasis line of Sanifiers can greatly reduce the presence of contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, mold, smoke and odor causing VOC’s by destroying surface and air contaminants. With a rotational UV shield and the production of hydrogen peroxide molecules, these air purifiers provide cleaner air quality. Choose from the portable, countertop, or in-duct units available. Used for everything from automobiles, homes, offices, daycares, gyms, churches, restaurants, etc. 

Air Scrubbing & Ionizing
When a building is affected by water/smoke damage, we set-up an air scrubbing/ionizing machine for approximately 48 hours to remove any odors and cleanse the air in the building. With a built-in UV light and a specialty filter, this machine removes dust and other allergens as well as the smells they cause. Cleaning products will cover up the odor. However, removing the odors or particulates that permeate furniture, carpet and drywall requires the use of air scrubbers/ionizers—which will safely remove any odors/particulates. 

Certified Florida Home Inspector
Understanding the construction of a home is very important to determine the needs and uses of the H.V.A.C. system and components. Because we look at so many aspects of your home as an H.V.A.C. contractor, we provide knowledge and services that other companies do not have the opportunity to offer as we also have Certified Florida Home Inspector license.

Certified Florida Mold Assessor & Mold Remediator
We find that providing mold assessment and remediation services is a big part of the H.V.A.C. industry because mold is typically associated with poor ventilation and inadequate temperatures as well as water damage. Properly cooling a home with appropriate ventilation and humidity control will prevent mold growth. Buildings are conditioned and ventilated properly when the systems are sized and installed properly. If you suspect your home has a mold problem, call a professional assessor/remediator immediately. Air samples can be taken to determine exactly what is present as well as the elevation of each contaminant. See our I.A.Q. page and/or the Indoor Air Quality & Mold Testing section below for more info. 

Coil Cleaning
The coils of your air conditioning system become clogged just like the radiator on a car. A dirty coil can cause poor air circulation, enhance wear and tear on the system and reduce energy efficiency and comfort. To help prevent debris like dust, mold and mildew from growing on your coil, have it deep cleaned by a professional as needed. Once cleaned, the system can perform better and more efficiently and the air will be cleaner throughout the building. 

Ultra Violet Lights
UV Lights are a wonderful way to protect the health of your family. Installing a UV light in an air handler will help prevent mold and mildew growth within the coil and the cabinet of the unit, eliminating air pollutants in the air stream and keeping the duct work clean as well as preserving the life of the system.

Dryer Vent Cleaning-Help Prevent a Dryer Fire! 
Having your dryer vent cleaned is an important part of maintenance that many people often forget about. Excessive amounts of lint and debris build up in the dryer vent hose with use of the dryer. Because lint is so flammable and the dryer is running so hot, having the duct system cleaned can prevent a fire hazard from occurring. The less lint and debris in the hose, the more efficiently your dryer can run, saving energy and reducing the electric bill. 

Duct Cleaning
As the return air continuously sucks the unconditioned air back through the system, it is also sucking dirt, dust, fibers and other air pollutants into your duct system which in turn blows conditioned air into your home along with the dust and debris. Essentially, the HVAC system then becomes a distribution system for air contaminants, continuously circulating the air throughout the building. Newer, energy efficient homes that are built tighter do not allow fresh air exchanges and can have a poor impact on indoor air quality. Having your ducts cleaned thoroughly with the proper equipment as part of routine maintenance, will keep the air you breathe cleaner while reducing dust and allergens throughout your home. Providing at-source removal of air contaminants, the Rotobrush system is the most efficient and effective technique for cleaning duct systems. Ken Williams Air has specializes in duct cleaning and I.A.Q. call us today for a free quote! 

Duct Work Installation
Having accurately-sized duct work installed properly is an important step to having good air flow, humidity control and ventilation as well as avoiding costly repairs to the system. Leaks from holes, rips and tears in the duct work can also cause problems with air flow, humidity control, ventilation and several other issues not to mention comfort. Having your duct system repaired or replaced can prevent conditioned air from escaping into the attic, providing the optimum comfort. 

Indoor Air Quality & Mold Testing
By taking a series of air samples and sending them to the lab for examination, we are able to determine exactly what types of substances (contaminants) are present in the air of your home and precisely how much of each are present as well. It is important to test the affected area as well as a sample from the outdoor air to determine what substances may be traveling into the building from outside. It is equally important to test an area of the building in which has not been affected to determine if any spores have spread or migrated, contaminating clean areas. See our I.A.Q. & Mold Testing page for more information! 

Routine Maintenance Services
To keep your system running at optimal performance, it is important to have a maintenance service agreement to routinely service your system. We typically recommend Routine Maintenance Service in the Spring, just before the systems are put under the stress of the Summer heat—and once again in the fall, prior to the beginning of the cold snaps that sometimes cause house fires due to debris built up on the heat strips in the systems. We can provide a Routine Maintenance Service Agreement that meets your individual needs and schedule. 

See our Routine Maintenance Service Checklist page for information about what steps are taken to examine each system during a Maintenance Service Check.

Maintenance Service Agreements provide a 20 % discount on all parts as well as preferred service scheduling. 

FP&L Rebate Info
Rebates are available for most types of systems i.e.; straight cool and heat pump systems. The rebate amounts vary depending on what type, efficiency and size the system is.

You can download the FP&L Rebate Chart showing consumer savings by clicking here
FP&L Annual Operating Cost Chart & System Comparison Chart:
For an annual cooling cost comparison chart and a simple system comparison chart, click here.

HVAC Information

Providing air conditioning services, we commonly encounter special situations that require extra attention. For example, we may recommend a high quality filter for a printing shop whereas we may recommend adding ventilation/exhaust to a restaurant kitchen or an ultra violet light for daycares. Other instances include wine cellars or electronics that must maintain specific temperature and humidity. It is our understanding that each home and business has independent needs from one another. It is our job to ensure that the proper type of HVAC services be provided for each customer.

The Future Innovation of Air Conditioning # FSGE
Since the 1950’s, the technology and application HVAC systems has improved drastically. With energy consumption awareness becoming a primary focus for many Americans, the industry has adapted to the changing needs and requirements. 

The world’s 1st All-DC, Solar-Wind-Renewable Powered Air Conditioner was installed in August of 2010 by Ken Williams Air Conditioning. Designed for use at Florida’s Showcase Green Envirohome, this system was developed to be self-sustainable during power outages. With a wind turbine generating much of the power, it does not need electricity from the grid to operate. 

With new trends such as living walls to help improve indoor air quality, becoming more and more popular, so are the facts about things that affect a homes’ indoor air quality the most. Toxic chemicals found in many household cleaners are a major contribution to the pollution of indoor air. That is why many companies are developing “All Natural, Biodegradable” products that are derived from plant sources which do not have toxins and chemicals in them which makes them safer to use. 

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 Services We Specialize In:

  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Duct Work Installation
  • Custom Blueprints & Duct Design
  • Maintenance Service Agreements
  • Heat Load Calculations
  • Indoor Air Quality & Mold Testing
  • Duct Cleaning with ROTOBRUSH
  • Coil Cleaning
  • Ultra Violet Lights
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Air Scrubbing & Ionizing Services
  • Air Cleaning Filters / Systems
  • Certified Home Inspector
  • Certified Mold Assessor & Remediator
  • Thermostats
  • Air Purifiers
  • Media Filters
  • Duct Cleaning

We also assess the parts    that may affect the system performance:
  • Location of units
  • Occupancy
  • Air Flow
  • Air Quality
  • Windows/Doors
  • Insulation
  • Shade
  • Ventilation
  • Re-Occurring Problems
  • Specialty Needs/Uses
  • Vent/System Noises 
  • De-Humidification

We service and install most brands including: 
  • Trane 
  • Carrier 
  • Amana 
  • Goodman 
  • Payne 
  • Heil 
  • RUUD/Rheem 
  • Comfortmaker

I.A.Q. Products Available:
  • Honeywell
  • Air Oasis
  • AprilAire
  • Generalaire


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