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Florida’s Showcase Green Environment

In June 2010 Ken Williams Air installed the world’s 1st all-DC, solar-wind-renewable powered A/C system into Florida’s Showcase Green Envirohome.

In 2010, Ken Williams Air partnered with Mark Baker and Nonnie Chrystal of Mark Baker, LLC. to design and build Florida’s Showcase Green Envirohome located in Indialantic, FL. After the original structure was destroyed by the series of tropical storms and hurricanes in 2004, Mr. Baker determined that he wanted to build a home that was essentially hurricane-proof for future storms. He also implemented ways to make the home self-sustainable during power outages while decreasing the use of our precious natural resources. Months of research, coordinating and testing were completed for each aspect of the home.

This home features the world’s first solar/DC powered air conditioning system. Combined with a wind turbine (The Energy Ball V-200) to produce the electricity, the system produces heating, ventilation and air conditioning to the home at virtually no cost.

With specially designed zero-leak duct work, this system is the most energy efficient system available. Powered by DC voltage, the air conditioning system is designed to be completely self-sustainable. With solar and wind generated power available, energy efficiency is optimized.

Considering the fact that the HVAC system is typically the largest appliance in your home that uses a substantial amount of electrical power, it is recommended to have it replaced with a high efficiency variable speed system. We have plenty of ideas and recommendations to share when it comes to improving the energy efficiency and indoor air quality of your home.

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